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Intruder alarms

for home and work

Deter opportune thieves

Visible and effective security systems are a great deterrent against would-be thieves. Just the sight of a burglar alarm will make many thieves go away, and search for an easier target. Alarm Maintenance Co Ltd install and maintain a range of security systems.


Security alarms can be installed around your business or home, protecting vulnerable locations. We install the latest systems from big name manufacturers like ADT. Our security alarm systems can also help lower the cost of your insurance. It's a great investment.

Bespoke security systems

Your business is unique, so your security should be unique as well. We base our security solutions on your specific needs. We carry out a free property survey then design your perfect system.

Secure solutions

•  Burglar alarms

•  Security lighting


•  Access control

Highly visible security lighting

If your business is illuminated at night by security lighting, it shows criminals you take security seriously. That alone can deter them. We can also install automated lighting at your home. A perfect solution if you live alone. It's an inexpensive way to get peace of mind.